At the Empowerment Club, we believe people have incredible powers within them.

What we do is teach you how to tap into those powers and RISE into the life you want.

Let us help shift and undo old thinking patterns and habits that may be keeping you stuck.

Let us help you understand and move through the fog that keeps you from seeing your future self.

It’s time to reconnect back to yourself.

It’s time to find meaning in YOU.

Become a Warrior in life, RUN toward what you want with purpose and passion, be present with all of you, live with complete certainty and belief in yourself.

It’s time to step into the life that you want.

It’s time to become EXTRAORDINARY.

STOP!  tolerating circumstances in your life that are no longer acceptable.


 Individual Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Family Coaching

 Group Coaching





Empowerment is the ability to see and truly believe that we are free to choose how we want to play in this game called life.  These perspectives and insights, this sense of personal empowerment, are available to you through coaching and will impact every aspect of your life.
 We cover all Life areas:
Stress / Depression / Anxiety Management / Positive mindset / Self esteem / Self confidence / Changing unhelpful behaviours / Drug & Alcohol Wellness Coaching / Drug & Alcohol Counselling / Drug & Alcohol Education Programs /Career Navigation / Job Readiness / Work Life Balance / Corporate Wellness Coaching For Executives / Training Programs For Services/ Family / Relationships / Health / Depression / Anxiety / Self- Confidence / Self-esteem / Stress Management / Conflict Resolution / Behaviour Change / Fitness / Weight Management / Body Image / Relationship with Food / Nutrition