Writing about yourself.

How do you go with that?

I’ll tell you what, I really struggle, sure I’m full of confidence and can actually talk the hind leg off a donkey about things that I’m genuinely passionate about.

In saying that, I’m deeply passionate about myself, mmmm yes I said that out loud. I completely love myself unquestionably even when I’m a dickhead.

So what’s the struggle about?

I have a theory, and it goes a little like this. I think that when it comes to blowing our own trumpet, we tend to dull it down because we don’t want to invade other people’s spaces with our own confidence or woohoo I’m freaken awesome attitude!! Nothing wrong with that BTW.

I think that when it comes to blowing our own trumpet, we tend to dull it down because we don’t want to invade other people’s ‘WTF’ space because then that would mean that they may make a judgment about us.


Hahah I laugh as I’m typing because who’d have thought that would even be on my radar?

I was asked today to do a write up about myself and my accomplishments, and I doodled I’m funking awesome and rock…


My business manager sensing my discomfort came to the rescue and wrote this;

Angela Symonds is a real life Warrior Queen, she is currently writing ‘Rise & Roar’ a book about how she changed her life and became the powerhouse woman she is today.
She is the Director of Rise & Roar, the founder of The Empowerment Club and the Creator of Mindset Box.

Her background in Mental Health, Intervention and Fitness came together when she founded her first business Jumpstart Coaching. She then went on to further develop the model of MindFit & BodyFit with The Empowerment Club; this club works with people from all walks of life in the empowerment of ‘self’ how to create and sustain change across all areas of your life.

Angela is passionate about helping people Rise & Roar in their life. She has created an online product Mindset Box for people that are unable to see her in person. It involves a huge 60 book release planned over the coming 12 months, and that’s just the beginning.

Yay for people that get you and will back you at every turn.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep working on my own self-description.



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