I actually believe that we can all think, be and do power in our lives, of course, it will be different for everyone as we all interpret what internal power is differently, right?

I remember when I trained in martial arts a lifetime ago, for me back then it was for self-protection but I have to wonder is that was where my love of feeling power came from. I learned to not just project myself, but be in my body and hone in on the very movement and execute it in my mind first, so that my mind and body were in sync when I performed it.

CHANGE happens like this  ‘if you can see it in your mind as in YOU doing it then you will be able to’.

At the time that’s as spiritual as I got TBH however what I loved about it was the ability to protect myself and FEEL like I could defend myself if required. It taught me to respect and have discipline in and for my body. If you guessed I’m a bit of a fan.

Now as a Mindset Coach I use power by association to shift and maneuver someone’s thinking.

How you ask, well you will you have to make an appointment.

But as for power, strength, and courage, they all come from a belief and this I’ve known for a long time. If you believe deeply in the ‘possible and the ease’ of something it will make it so, if you think you are capable of something, you usually will be.

You get where I’m going…

I love to take people out of their ‘normal’ and into the zone of difference then get them to turn into themselves, hone in on the nuances the white noise the internal chatter, the feeling, and acknowledge it all.

Last night I spent the evening with a group of incredible women and took them on a road trip to see Wonder Woman, in Gold Class of course, although I must say “the red chairs need repairing and cleaning in there”, BUT we all walked out feeling something, some point of difference within us.

I noticed minds were changed and power was inhaled, a possibility was in the air.

For me it was a sense of power and connectedness, I tuned into how I was feeling and it was excitement, lifted, powerful and strong, I was walking taller, smiling and excited. Whenever I feel this way, I name it and remember it BECAUSE when I want to feel this way again, I can call it in at will.

We can all train ourselves to feel happy, strong, connected, centered, inline with our very being BUT we need to pay attention to ‘US’

My life is like one big martial arts class.

Embracing a different way to be is incredibly possible, go out and feel something and see if it’s a feeling you like, then examine everything that’s happening within you, be vigilant in your own life, be what ever and whom ever you choose to be, learn to be unshakable.

To be powerful is a belief in one’s ability to be that way.

So if I take out a costume run up the street, lift a few weights, eat food that’s going to enhance me, spend time on my mindset daily, that’s me in training to remain me.

How do you want to feel?

Who do you want to be?

Oh and go see Wonder Woman it’s pretty kick ass and empowering.

The Sisterhood ‘Circle of Power’ is a place you’ll want to be next term.

The Empowerment Club.

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