We are all after it, BUT some of us just don’t get it in our lifetime.

I always used to call myself “fat”, big, large, big boned, heavy set, you get the picture so when I was at the height of my “beat the shit out of self” mode that’s what my language was, in my head back then I had no idea how a thought could have so much power over us.

Where does our weight actually come from?

-A life lived and the aftermath thoughts.

-Our belief systems that have been placed in our memory banks to go to any time we wish.

-our lifestyle


I broke up with my body at a young age, it had let me down, become a magnet for whatever the hell people wanted to do with it, from the age of 8 I felt like it was a burden and worthless, so that’s what I believed.

When we believe something, and it’s reinforced over and over, it allows us to not ever question it but to confirm and affirm the reason we thought that way in the first place.

I was only ever a size 8 possibly 10 when I was in my teens, and looking back had a great body, but I didn’t see that I was so busy trying to disown it that my mind would never welcome it in.

I was beaten pretty badly by an ex-partner (not the first one) he was incredibly controlling I was about 19, and it was my body that I had believed ‘once again’ had done the damage.

I was dressed in a killer dress (that he picked) and felt great as my partner was pleased, I was incredibly conditioned at this stage to be compliant for fear of his rejection. I can say this now but had NO IDEA at the time. I was ‘felt up’ by his mate who was being an idiot. I was marched out the door by my partner quick smart by the arm, thrown in the car and had my head smashed against the window several times because I invited that attention in. Once again reaffirming my deep belief my body was to blame. Sure I stayed I loved him, mmmm that was then not now.

WOW, when I look back I shake my head and hear a tender voice, mine, in my head saying Babe WTF were you thinking, and I’m abe to respond to myself “I hadn’t realised how powerful I could be.” Sure I went on from there to master my mindset and dominate in all areas of my life BUT not without my weight ballooning and dropping I hadn’t yet connected my Mind and Body.

So as my weight has gone up and down over the years, I discovered I not only had a captive and self-taught hostage mindset BUT I had an eating disorder, it was the only thing I could control.

My weight soared from 8 stone to 22 stone and back to 9 stone, back up to 18 stone and stayed on a steady 12 stone for a few years.

I did that to myself, not because I didn’t know any better, I did I was at this time a fitness instructor, and sure some of the weight was pregnancy, BUT I still hadn’t connected my Mind and Body.

I have an incredible life now, that’s what people see, I haven’t really told my story, and it surprises people who knew me back then.

Let me tell you after retraining my brain 10 years ago; disconnecting my old thinking patterns and completely overhauling myself from the inside out, I am standing on the top of my mountain screaming at the top of my lungs;

“I’m a Warrior Queen and the most influential woman in my world.”

I walked into the fire, I got burned deeply by it, 

I rolled around in it and played with the flames for years, 


ON THAT DAY, the very day I made that one decision, it happened; 

I became the FIRE.

I have been at 55 kilos and felt great, but my weight now sits around the 75-80 kilos, and I’m pretty happy with that, I learned the power of my own self-acceptance and weight loss HAD to come from within my mindset I had to connect my mind & my body and learn to talk words of love to myself, forgive and embrace all of me.

To train a body simply won’t work, BUT to prepare your mind and your body, THAT is where the magic is.


I’m a fitness instructor, nutritionist, and counsellor; BUT I identify as an intervention specialist and mindset coach, this is where I have trained for years, the crisis is where I’m at my best, front line and in the fire is where I perform at my best.  I love what I do and live the life myself that I teach. This is my life’s work, not only from a framework of studying BUT living through it. I believe we all have a purpose and this is mine, to be a leader and lead the way through the minefield that can sometimes trap us and hold us, I love nothing more than to lead people out of this.

It’s never about the weight,

it’s always deeper than we know.

We carry weight and feed it because it serves a purpose for us at that point, its ok, you are ok.

All we have to do is go in and unpack its origin, then the traction happens, and the transformation begins. It may not be trauma driven, BUT it is driven by something within you.

I have clients that come into my service and want to lose weight. It’s usually a couple of sessions and a mindset overhaul that does the trick.

I had a client let me know that since a simple tweak and re-load of mind she has lost 9 kilos in the last few months, another client has lost 10 kilos after one session, a food overhaul and a mindset re-load.

I had a CEO come in struggling with losing weight, I sat him down and unpacked his head (like a motherfucker) were his words, BUT he dropped 14 kilos and has his life back on track. I uncovered a dark secret he had, he had lined up a tree to hit on his way home it was his ‘out’ plan if life got too much. We went deep fast and made change within a couple of sessions. The stress alone was holding his weight not the just the food he did or didn’t eat.

The beautiful thing in my career right now is I get to choose who I work with, and I’m not afraid to refer out from my service to another. I won’t hold people in limbo just to make money.

I was taught many years ago 22 to be exact to work like I’m going to be out of a job, as in work quickly, cut through the bullshit fast and help DON’T hinder. That was the best advice as it catapulted me in the direction I wanted to go which was directly INTO the fire and be right there on the edge of change with people guiding them out of it stronger, connected, powerful and purposeful.

I’m going to repeat this, ITS NEVER ABOUT THE WEIGHT, it’s about how you think of yourself, the stories you tell yourself and the plans you secretly whisper in your own ear.

To have more and be more of what you want you HAVE to decide to take it all.


Are you ready to RISE?



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