To be a warrior queen you need to have an inner strength like no other, a rock solid unshakable belief in yourself.

The courage to stand up in the face of adversity and have your own back, to walk where others won’t.

To rise when you fall,

To love when you’ve been broken, to soften when you’ve hardened

To show light to the dark.

To be a warrior queen is a work of art, a reclamation of self and an ability to bring balance in both mind and body.

One of the hardest things to do is to challenge our own mind.

Have you ever noticed how we stop at the very thought of what others might say, or how the judgments may roll from their tounges,

Causing you to recoil and go inwards, so deep that you may get lost in the pit of your soul and you may never find your way out?

We all struggle with our thinking at times, and we struggle with what others are thinking about us.

People will make judgments all the time it’s normal for that to happen however the trick is to challenge that thinking in YOUR own mind, question its validity and go beyond the words to seek its true meaning.

Often we just believe that one thought is right, we don’t test its origin or the ‘why’ we just think it to be so, most possibly because it’s come from our own mind, a place that we trust and tend to back at all costs.
The trick to living the best life you possibly can is to constantly challenge your own thinking, ask yourself questions look inwards for the answers learn to create and generate the truth from within you.

Being a Warrior Queen doesn’t mean you’re out in the street fighting with your fists or a sword.  It means you have tapped into the limitless river of courage that flows through us all and are brave enough to stand up for your yourself.

Being brave enough to be a Warrior Queen doesn’t mean you’re not afraid, it means you have made the decision to walk through the fear to find the adventure on the other side.


Warrior queens have an unshakeable trust in their abilities to lead.

Without hesitation, they are prepared to stand up for their rights and the rights of others who rely on them for security.
They forge ahead despite (or because of) obstacles. They carve their path and lead by example.
They stayed balanced in times or duress and connected to their traditions and sources of inspiration whether they be at war or in peace.
They are in tune with their physical body and respond to threatening situations rationally.
And, they are deeply connected with Mother Earth and humanity.


Are you ready to unleash her?

Warrior Queen; A program about finding your way back to yourself.

Mindset Box 

Have this life changing program delivered to your door, become your own warrior Queen 

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