never fade-4

Over the years it’s definitely been wild, verging on outrageous.

When I look back over my business and career, I’m proud of the way I’ve conducted myself.

‘Who knew’ I heard said to me by an old boss, a few years back, straight away I asked who knew what?  ‘Who knew you’d last this long in business.’ As I shifted my body and rearranged that remark in my mind, I chose to throw it in the ” fuck it bucket”  and replied  ‘I knew.’

It was at that moment I did know.

I got to action pretty quickly from then on in; it wasn’t so much an ‘I’ll show you’ because I had no interest in that at all, if anything I held zero respect for this person so would never take on board any suggestions or a back handed comment. BUT what it was was a realisation that I was everything I wanted to be I just hadn’t completely stepped into it. I was about a year in at this time and found myself floundering a bit; I flitted from mentor to mentor taking what I needed but not completely taking it in. I struggled with the book work side of things, charts, tracks, spreadsheets, all of that. I felt like I was performing like a monkey in a zoo, the zoo was all on the same page BUT me, and I was unwilling to do all the tricks they did.

I started to think there was something completely wrong with me; I didn’t want to attend all these events that there was meaningless chit chat and I’ll show mine if you show me yours. Women that excluded other women, men that looked down their nose at the mear thought of a female in business. I struggled with small talk, talking about what I did. The minute I opened my mouth I’d see their eyes glaze over. I wasn’t a fitness instructor, and I wasn’t a counsellor I was both and loved both, but I guess I saw myself as one more than the other at different stages. I happened upon my group of women when I attended an event last minute, they were generous with knowledge embracing me with every part of them, and it was at that time I knew there was more and I started to move. I stopped being clunky and learned to embrace and transition into the woman I am today. I was however still unwilling to conform to this ‘business in a box’ idea that we all had to be the same, days of the week had themes, colours and even foods, haha that was ludacris to me.

Without going back into my complete history because well there’s a book coming for that,  you may have heard me talking about it. Rise & Roar, oh and that’s my new company name haha I do say all of that tongue in cheek. I knew one day I would do great things, I knew deep within me I had to, there has never been another option.

I have just launched the most significant part of me into the world, and I couldn’t be happier this is a moment I have worked for a very long time to achieve.

Over the years I’ve been misjudged for aggressive, but I’d call it focus and ability to swiftly move from the bullshit. I’ve been called direct, and I don’t mince my words I’d call that the ultimate way to live in alignment with your honesty and a deep confidence in my ability to bounce back. It’s been said I have a set balls, now that one always threw me as I’d have to say that’s me being fearless and knowing clearly what I want and taking it.

With all that said it’s been a long journey to get to this point in my life, I’ve devoted most of my life to raising my family, moved countries met incredible people and embarked on the most rewarding career I could possibly have gone into.

I’d say I’m strong willed and may act impulsively at times, I get itchy feet and need to move or make a huge change to create a difference, I’ve left my marriage a few times, given a car away, unpacked my house and handed it all away only to start again. I spend hours upon hours helping people and want for nothing in return. However I never do it to my detriment,  I would say I’m kind, and gentle and would give you my everything if you show me the realness in you.

To be in business is a tough grind at times but the passion of what I do is a driver, Im a heart driven business woman, I get to get up and dress in my passion every day of my life, 12 hour days long nights relentless deadlines, having passion definitely compensates for it all. I only started taking a wage from my business a year ago, and now, well now I’m the first to advocate for paying yourself as soon as you can, even if its $50 a week it’s a mindset thing. I started my business with no loan I saved it all in a three-year period, I have shifted very quickly into a place of ease and flow. My relationships are in complete alignment with my soul and therefore are easy. My marriage has taken a whole different place in the universe because I made it my mission to have it all in there. I wanted passion, desire, want, anticipation, need, so I set about focusing directly there I’m kinda lucky I met a man that decided to stand the test of time with me and held me high on a pedestal for 25 years. He is a strong man and we have carved out the greatest love affair filled with long hot nights a relationship in it’s infancy has, we still sit up all night and talk when we are together and we still argue like it’s a throw down, BUT there isn’t a man that has been in my life that has had all of me.


I do believe you can have it all;

I do think you can design the business you want; the trick is knowing it inside out so others can be let into your vision your dream.

My business is about to take another huge leap, and I’m right there driving it. With the knowledge and belief that what I have built is rock solid and the hope it will create change and a legacy for years after I’m gone.

I feel like I’m just getting started, there is such a plan, and I’d love to share that with you all, but it’s 3 am and well I’ll keep that one a secret for now.


Dreaming is for everyone ACTION well that’s not for the faint hearted.


Listen To What you know-3

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