How many times do you get up and say; THIS IS MY TIME?

I hear you and let me tell you you are not on your own.

I used to constantly get up and say this but stop right there, it never went any further than that.

I had to work in the job I was in to pay the rent, I had to keep the car I had because I had to get to that job, I had to stay in that shit hole of an apartment with a mattress on the floor because that’s all my job could afford me.

I’d gone from not really having a home and living like a gypsy to doing the same, same year in year out.

I always excelled in the jobs I did, and funnily enough, they were always sales jobs, I’d win awards, and it would all look glossy on the outside, BUT I was a hollow shell of a young woman always wondering WTF was I placed on this earth for. I knew how to seek out and gain the ‘feel goods’ from other people, but as soon as I’d go home there it all was facing me, MY SHIT LIFE!!!

I’m hoping you can hear in my writing the language I’m using, these are the thoughts I had said out loud and reinforced for myself at every turn.

SO how did I get to where I am now?

I have an incredible family, a successful career, a business a house and car I love.


Let me fill in the gap for you?

At that tender age, I knew I was meant for more, I just knew it, I would dream of being on stage or being famous UNTIL I realised I could have it all if I wanted.

It didn’t happen over night for me, it actually took years and allot of trial and error.

BUT I found the path that would unlock the self-hatred, release the trauma and allow me to step into the woman that I knew I could be, I felt her in there, she had protected me for many years, I knew she was powerful, I felt her watch me, guide me, I knew I had her in me.

Connecting to your Inner Warrior and calling her in discovering her and having her help you navigate your life’s journey is what I teach.

Changing your ‘state’ immediately and being able to switch yourself ‘on’ is a skill set that will help you explode into the life you want.

BUT first, you must decide!

Have you?

Tell me are you ready?

There comes a time when you must decide to stay where you are and find happiness within that, to do the best you can


Learn to call in your Inner Warrior…



What will it be, tell me, have you had enough of watching everyone else move forward and fulfill their dreams, Have you had enough of watching people fall in love with their lives.

YOU!!!! Yes you sitting there thinking this only happens to people that are not like me, this only happens for people that are LUCKY, I’m here to tell you there is no luck in this at all,

Have you decided yet?

Have you had enough of getting up, falling down getting back up falling back down? if you have then it’s time RISE & ROAR.

Learn to stay upright and thrive, learn to smile with your heart, learn to soar with your life, learn to be all you can.


Can you see the vision of you that has you standing on the top of your mountain with your arms outstreatched and the words ‘I AM HERE AND I AM STAYING RIGHT HERE’, leaving your lips?

Once you can see this and beleive it, you are half way there.

NOW CLIMB, get busy, stay busy and stay focused on YOU.

Call in Your Inner Warrior; Coming soon…

Angela xox




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