Wow, I love this topic, let me tell you why.


I’m pretty sure this word was invented for me, well back in my early years. I always felt like if I wasn’t in the right place with all the cool kids, then I’d miss out being branded as one. Then that translated into my working life that I HAAAD to be THE stand out the loudest, I had to be at the right parties in the right places.

I would turn myself inside out for people that I really had no desire to please OR really be around BUT my greatest fear at the time was the fear of missing out.

It is the most overwhelming feeling in the world and the biggest emotional roller coaster you could possibly EVER get on and ride.

Let me tell you FOMO is real and is even in the dictionary…

FOMO- anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.

Fear of missing out or FOMO is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”

Here are a few ways you can bring yourself back to YOU and tackle the overwhelming very REAL feeling of FOMO;

  1. Practice stillness Rather than chasing after what may be just an illusion of happiness we can gently strive for the deep satisfaction that comes with the cultivation of mindfulness—the practice of being present in our lives and giving non-judgmental awareness to our moment-to-moment experience.Rather than desperately seeking rock star recognition, cultivate the mastery of enjoying mundane pleasures. Sylvia Boorstein’s book, Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There, provides insights into how you can integrate this practice into your life.
  2. Put relationships over acquisitions. In terms of our well-being, quality relationships over ride quantity of possessions and experiences every time. Investing time and energy in relationships, and cultivating the skills that they require, may be one of the best things that we can do to bring higher levels of fulfillment into our lives.
  3. Savor the moment. Take time to linger over pleasurable experiences rather than rushing through them in quest of the next thrill. Smell the coffee (and the roses and the other delightful scents that you encounter). Take the time to thoroughly take pleasure in the sensory delights that enter into your field of awareness and cultivate the fine art of savoring the tastes, sights, and other sensations that you encounter in your daily life.
  4. Cultivate Gratitude Instead of chasing unrealistic fantasies we believe will fulfill us, we can cultivate gratitude. This practice allows us to more deeply appreciate what we have rather than focusing on what we lack or desire. FOMO is fear of not having something that is necessary for our well being. Gratitude allows us to count the blessings in our life right now, in this moment, where life is actually going on.
  5. Fall in Love with the process. Integrating these practices into your life can be a labor of love and can be experienced as a blessing and an opportunity, rather than a series of obligations. Let yourself take pleasure in the heightened level of relaxation and ease that comes into your life as you gift yourself with these experiences.

A few things I changed up was HOW I was contactable, and who would or could contact me.  I shut down all the feed in my social media that was related to “WHAT’S GOING ON” in the land around me, that alleviated the over whelming desire to be there do something that may pull me away from where I was OR just take me in a direction I didn’t need to go.

In the field I have chosen to work in I have decided on a criteria that fits ME and takes me all the way to the doors of my dreams, I say doors because I have many.

If we are constantly looking out at others, we will struggle to stay inside looking at our own dreams.

I have written 60 books and run a successfully fulfilling multifaceted business that I am now reaping the rewards from, I have started teaching other business owners the HOW.

My greatest parting word.

Are you ready?


YEP! That’s a real word.

Get busy creating your own habits, rituals, prepare for the greater world, ignore the pull that is like a rip in the ocean and can drag you out to sea as quickly as you can blink.

FOMO is a form of anxiety and should be treated as such.

FOMO can leave you gasping for air, and you have no idea why.

FOMO will run your social calendar if you let it.

Don’t get dragged out to sea, learn to navigate where you swim and pretty soon like anything we change in our world it will just be a new way for you to be.




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