Every man and his dog wants to be a coach, RIGHT?

Can you feel the growth of stay at home PJ clad people making money without even leaving the house?

You’ve done the hard yards you’ve studied for YEAARRRRS, and now everyone is a Wellness coach a Life coach and an I’M CHANGING THE WORLD Coach.

You feel irritated, annoyed and at some level violated, RIGHT?

It’s okay come out and say it, you are not a bad person for thinking this way, it’s truer than true, the world has exploded with a million people wanting to change the world usually only their own, there are the HARD sell people that friend you, try to sell to you usually something that will CHANGE your life or something that will revolutionise your world, BECAUSE let’s face it they know how to, the book told them, RIGHT?
If you dare to respond with a no thank-you they unfriend you as quickly as they requested you, conversation not on the agenda getting to know you not on the radar just conversion, sell sell sell at all costs and fuck how you really feel.

That’s what it feels like so imagine how confused people are when they actually need help, there is a world of incongruent marketers out there calling themselves ‘Wellness Coaches’ and ‘Life Coaches’ with a 48 hour certificate in their back pocket ready to listen to your very ‘real’ life issues and have you unpack your headspace that is fragile and on the verge of breaking point, ONLY to say OH!!! Sorry, that’s not my area of expertise.

OKAY OKAY, that may have all felt like a bit of a characterisation of the coaching world but let me tell you, in all honesty, everything I listed is truer than true.

I work with coaches on removing the ‘hard sell’ and learning to lean in and create relationships because that’s what will make you stand out from this incredibly ‘fake’ market place.

We all want to help people and so we decide to build change in our journey to get there, it’s an ever winding path of self-discovery and learning.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with money and making it, I make plenty and will continue to, what I’m more concerned about in this big vast, beautiful field we are in, is the message we are sending not only the world but ourselves.

It used to bother me that I’d have a ‘coach’ that had done a 48 hour course sitting asking me what should I do, when I’d book them in for a coaching session in this area they would back pedal stating no I don’t want to pay you I just want to pick your brain and go on my merry way.
‘I’m interested in making money only, and fast, sure I want to help a few along the way.’

I’d very politely show them the door, all while thinking to myself WTF how rude, I have over 25 years under my belt of helping people shift move and be the best version of themselves, and you want my knowledge to use as your own FOR FREEEEE, how little do you think I value myself.…..I’ll be honest it used to grind on me like nothing I’ve ever felt, I’d get angry and feel dirty from having them near me around me UNTIL I realised that I was ultimately giving them all my energy, and it was RIGHT HERE that I could help make a difference in the coaching industry.

So in a world of coaches and fast passed great white teeth, shiny bubbly let’s lift the vibration of the world with our pills and potions there is only one way to survive.

Decide not to just survive in this new dawn, this new generation of the stage talking shiny live your life speaking yes yes yes people.

GET UP, GET OUT and show up in the same world.

There are so many incredible practitioners, movers, and shakers that are not showing up because they don’t want to be tainted as a ’48-hour life coach’, I hear you I used to feel that way.

Don’t let it dull you, shrink you or make you run for cover.

There are some people that are meant to give a message and some people that are not, it doesn’t need to be a battle to the death, It can actually become an enjoyable ride, and great collaborations can be made by tuning in instead of out, after all, we all need to learn.

By not showing up and doing YOUR thing you have made a decision, so with that decision made you need to stop whining about all the doers that are doing and remember you decided not to be one, hahaha yes I had to say this to myself as well…

One of the greatest things I have learned along my journey of life and career path is this;

BE YOU and show up anyway, learn about WHO you are and create a shift from within.


IMG_1158I’ll be brave here and shout out one of my core values and deep beliefs;

If you are not living the life you are teaching or asking of others, if you do not honestly believe your way and path is the one for you and you think of it as a temporary one then STOP!

DO NO HARM is an oath I took and work in that frame work deeply, being what you teach is the only way to live and breathe, sure that may change along the way that’s called learning and leaning in.

In a world of shiny; stop trying to be shinier, you don’t have to.

Show up as YOU, that is all you have to do.

Don’t hide because what you have to offer is incredible, don’t get lost and blinded because you KNOW deep inside you there is a message to share.

Conscious living leads to better coaches so flood the market place with these people and let the world vibrate at THAT level.

Change makers unite and come together, they collaborate and create rather than take your IP and use it as their own.

Change in the world happens from a place of genuine, so stay true, and the path will reward you and be a long, fulfilling one.

I’m proud to be a Mindset Coach, a Fitness Coach, and a Nutritional Coach.
I removed the word coach from my vocabulary a while back because of the shiny people and went back to counsellor BUT what I love more than anything in the world is to COACH people, so that’s what I use as my title.
My greatest advice is to seek other like minded people that are being true versions of themselves and hang out there. Don’t let an over saturated market of shiny make you run and hide, get amongst it and create a difference by teaching in that market place.

RISE COACH and thrive as YOU.xxx

One thought on “TO BE A COACH IS NOT A DIRTY WORD!!!!!!!!

  1. Fucking loved this. You can feel the genuine nature of you as a person in this article and everything you say makes 100% sense. Unlike my lack of grammer and english today.. but thays okay. Im still taking in everything I just read. And the main thing I got out of this article is to be myself and do the hard yards.. because there are so many people thinking they can get rich quickly by scamming people after a short course. When realistically those who put in the hard work are those who will sucseed longer. Dont know if i make sense but Cheers Angela. You’re brilliant and I loved this


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