I believe in Fairytales and Unicorns.

How many times do we dismiss our dreams and our believing in magic?

I know I used to all the time if I were to talk about it and felt like I’d be mocked I’d excuse my silly behaviour and go on day dreaming in my head.

I used to think I was easily distracted but what I now believe is that I was easily dreaming my life into greatness.

At a very young age I learned to detach in a not so great way, it became a necessity for a young mind to survive trauma, this I now know after many years of studying the ‘why.’
These days I try to keep myself grounded in my body and firmly in the land of the living.


There are some days when I can detach and spend the WHOLE day, and I really do mean the whole day in another space and time.
This is where I now go to create to build to unpack all and any new dreams and ideas.

Kids are all over this type of thinking because they haven’t yet been tainted and confined by a ‘get real’ mentality.
They haven’t yet been pulled into ‘life’ is a grind, and it has to be hard before it gets easy.

Have you ever noticed when you are delivered a fairy tale by a child when they are replaying it their face light’s up their voice is in song their whole body is telling the story?
You can’t help but be caught up in it all and smile; it fills you with warmth and happiness just by listening.

We are all still captivated by stories we love to be told a story we are transfixed and pulled into another world while they weave us through the what the why’s and the how’s until the end.

We tell ourselves stories about ourselves, what we are, who we should be and not be, how we should think and not think, our life is one big story.

What is the story you tell yourself and why?

Think about it today and spend some time, roll around in it and see if  the stories you tell yourself are helping you live the life you want or hindering you from living the life you desire.49b1875963c14446a383c83b3e0ec7fe-fairy-photography-horse-photography.jpg

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