As a woman, it was important for me to be strong, connected, solid in who I was BUT really looking back I was closed hardened and disengaged.

When some one comes into your world and changes it forever, you fight, you fight the goodness the passion the desire you fight it all.

There are very few that have the power to break the barriers the shields the self-protection we build. Unfortunately, the walls we build lead us to a life of isolation fear even hopelessness, BUT this is a life we know well, so it’s easy to survive here, it’s safer.

TO Fight is the only way, or so you think, you don’t know any other way…UNTIL


In the shadows there he was, I was terrified, my heart was dark, and hard I was wounded by this very life we were both standing in.

My battle had been long, tough, and although I was always a winner in everything I did, I was tired, I’d had enough of pretending and hiding.

I wanted to be more than I was in this world, I always felt that run deep through me, BUT I didn’t know how to be in this world, I didn’t know how to LIVE.

YOU sat with me in the dark, you stood beside me and taught me to surrender to the one and only person I needed to; ME.

You gave me what I feared, you helped mend what was broken, you discovered and nurtured everything for me until I could do it myself.

I pushed you hard you stood still, I ran you came and held me, you stayed and believed in me.

I was a runner a lost soul I lived in the darkness it was my home.

You reached in, and I felt your warmth your courage your strength, it lit me up and set me on the path I needed to be on.

When souls connect and intertwine there is nothing more powerful, I learned to surrender to the softness, the light, the feeling of soaring. No one has held my heart felt it beat, had it as I have given it to you.

You have held me on this giant pedestal for as long as I can remember.

Your strength power courage now runs through me like a soft caress, it ignites me deeply passionately completely.

I learned to stop running, you now stand behind me, and I feel your presence your heart beat your powerful deep love, it fills me and drives me.

I am my most powerful self I can now stand in my own light, I have my own strength courage and passion.

BUT TOGETHER we are so much more.

I love you deeply, completely passionately I surrender to this feeling and bask in it daily.

TO FIND A LOVE is easy, to keep it you must first learn the feelings, step into them, ride the waves. You MUST FIRST BE; to completely have the love that you desperately want.

YOU must go inside you must go DEEP inside, that is where we undo and redo.

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Do you like the reflection that’s staring back at you?

Go there, don’t fear it,

COMPLETENESS comes from loving and leaning into to all of you, it creates a space for others to wrap themselves around your soul.

Fear you may think is there to stop you, IT’S NOT, it’s there to tell you to be cautious it’s your strongest asset it will guide you DON’T let it control your very being and cripple you into doing NOTHING.









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