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WOW this book; let me tell you I’m excited to share the path I’ve walked, and I have gathered much information along my way from hundreds of women exactly like us.
YOU are not alone.
WE ALL get lost within ourselves and along with that lostness goes our very essence, our wants needs and desires leave the building.
I’m very much a believer in bringing things into the consciousness realm as there we can make the change we need, OR at least see what we are truly dealing with.
I believe we all have the power to transform and change what is deep within us IF and WHEN we are ready to.
We all hold toxicity within us gathered over a lifetime of past lovers, relationships, events words conversations; we hold it all deep within us.

BUT regardless of what we face in life, if we are empowered enough to understand our inherent energetic capacities as women, we can ALWAYS transform a toxic experience into energy or resource that sustains and strengthens us.
AND YES I mean no matter how awful or toxic.

Our capacities are unlimited.

Lostness I know personally and intimately as well as in my professional capacity in talking to and helping countless women and couples walk through where we are about to go.

I’d like to invite you to take a much different path towards addressing your past, your feelings, your relationships, your entire life force and world vibration.

You will start to see shifts in your outer world by actioning some or all of the information in this guide, but the focus is more on your inner world – your relationship with yourself, and your emotional state.

Most of the “work” you’ll be doing will consist of surrendering, to yourself, surrendering to your desires in ALL life areas.

These topics are intended to shift your inner compass and to, in a sense, re-calibrate your being towards an orientation that is fundamentally respectful and connected to your authentic feminine essence.

When you free yourself up in all areas and release the resistance to remain in a state of tension YOUR WHOLE WORLD CHANGES.

This short RAPID FIRE book that I’m in love with writing will lead you to a powerful MINDSET BOX that you can work on together “RELATIONSHIP BOOTCAMP.”

I believe in order to change together you must first know ALL of YOU, then the together is an easy navigation, you give clear direction and you are NEVER confused.

When I am highly charged and in complete alignment with of all of me, I am my most powerful.

I didn’t know what being completely consumed and inhaled by the heady sensual desire of stepping into my WARRIOR QUEEN state would be UNTIL I allowed myself to.


Are you ready?


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