Our sexual energy is our life force energy.

Open and strong sexual energy contributes toward our vitality, creativity, and sense of well-being.

Have you ever noticed when you are in complete alignment with ALL of you that you fire on all cylinders?

Sexually connected, mentally connected, spiritually connected, bathed, grounded, on fire what ever way you want to describe it as there is usually one word that simplifies it all.


I’m not just talking about the act of having sex.
I’m talking about the fire that lights you up on the inside, the fast pumping blood flow that’s electrifying and goes to the very tips of your body, the electricity that sets your skin into a sensory overload of heady WTF and the deep trembling that follows it all.

Have you ever felt that?

Have you allowed yourself to go there?

I must say I never used to, I’d had some horrific experiences with sex, and the act of it all, so I was turned off by that in itself.

BUT I had once experienced all of these FEELINGS, and it scared the shit out of me.
I had no idea of the universe the life-force that runs through us, no idea of the how’s why’s or where’s.
I think that we can connect with something so deeply in an instant, BUT we may not have been ready for it at that moment in time.

As I went on in life, I completely connected to every part of me but was still to learn what sexual energy could really do for me.

Once I discovered it and the power you stand in WOW is a simple word but still a great explanation.

Just the act of performing and hitting that final climax is, of course, fabulous but I’m definitely for the deep running, heart pumping, light me up and make me shake BEFORE you have laid a hand on me, energy, THAT’S what I desire.

I woke up this morning completely connected and feeling incredibly powerful and centered.

I am in my absolute prime position in life and in the space that I thought I would never find.

I teeter on the edge of WOO WOO and step deeply into the space of self-connection and wholeness.

To be fragmented and torn apart comes from external sources, events, people places things.

To be completely connected on fire and lit up from your soul comes from the inside, from the depths of YOU.

My advice GO there and learn the incredible power of completely stepping into you and all that you can be.

I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get to where I am now, ten years ago BUT I only feel that way because I have so very much to do while I’m completely standing in this place of wholeness and completeness, AND I feel an urgency to do it ALL.

I am in complete alignment with all of me
I am my most powered up self
I am unstoppable
I am everything I need to be
I am the kind of woman I admire, respect and deeply envy
I am on fire.

As a woman, when I’m looking at another woman standing in her power, I must admit I am in awe and a “I want what she has” kinda feeling used to rush through me. I used to let that eat into my sense of not enough and feed my scarcity mindset, but now I walk straight over and connect with her, talk to her and learn from her.

I’m signing up for what I believe will be my final connection to SELF I love powerful training that teaches you inspires you, I know people see and think I’m already there BUT there is much to learn about one’s self as we are always evolving, growing and changing, BUT this will solidify all of me.

Do you remember the movie when Harry met Sally, when she replicated the scene of having an orgasm the whole place stopped and was shocked, BUT every woman asked the waitress to send over what she was having?

We all want to go to this place; I’d say go, don’t wait because let me tell you from a woman that was disconnected and endured years of trauma in her young life; THIS feeling is what will have you soaring in the life you deeply desire, want and need.

Sexual healing comes from you unlearning the shit-full learnings and relearning the sensual, deep throbbing penetration of self-connectedness, self-love and the electricity that tingles you to the very tips of your body, a wholeness that will ooze from your very being, leaving you standing in a state of your most powerful self.

While our sexual desires may be a natural part of who we are, our ability to express our sexuality is often learned.

Go there, LEARN what you want need and desire then ask for it no no wait DEMAND IT.

DON’T tolerate mediocre ANYMORE.

Copy of Copy of NAVIGATOR-3




My second Rapid Fire to be released, next month; THE NAVIGATOR.

GET READY this is the perfect place to go when you have completed NO MORE F#CKS TO GIVE.

I’m all about speed BUT this one you’ll linger in and go back to, TRUST me I did.



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