My name is Angela Symonds and this is my story…



From a young age, I had experienced significant trauma; when my parents divorced at the age of 7, all of our lives changed. I felt like my life had been thrown into the depths of hell within a few short months. I became highly skilled in creating a place of safety for myself in the dark corners of my mind while my body was being violated. I learned to be the protector of my family before I hit my teens, I learned to shut my emotional self off, this was less painful and a coping mechanism that just kicked in.

I spent years self-loathing, I entered some incredibly dark and volatile short-lived relationships in my young adult life because it’s what I knew, its what my self-worth allowed me. I had some great experiences with people but they never really penetrated the coat of armour I had built.

I had seen and been in some of this life’s most horrific and dark places; it was there that I learned so very much about survival, and, what it takes to get up and begin again.

I always wanted more, always dreamt of being more than what I was, even in the darkness that feeling never left me.

I believed that one day, I’d be strong enough to stand up and be somebody.

In my 20’s I decided to travel the world, I met my husband to be and fell pregnant, that was my moment, that was my change, I knew this baby would be my strength my courage my future, and it was then I decided.

I decided to RISE up and find my Inner Roar, this is where those words became etched on my soul.

I believe we make a decision in an instant, it is the follow-through that is the hard part.

I looked into her hour old eyes, leaned into her and whispered the words; I am here for you, forever, I will rise and be the greatest I can be, I will change everything, I promise, this is my oath to you.

It was the hardest thing I ever had to do; years of trauma had to be undone, and the storytelling in my head reversed, I had to learn to love my body, a body that I believed had let me down, BUT, at the same time had just given me the greatest gift in this world.

My journey was complete when my second daughter came into the world I took her newness in my arms, they were now stronger, I made another promise, an oath that I would continue to keep rising I would make myself stronger I would do better and be better.

I met my third daughter; I was now completely invested within myself and felt the power I had, it was easy for me to make her a promise, one of protection, a home and always being there whenever she needed me, NO MATTER WHAT.

There was nothing my girls and I could not face together. Family was everything to me at that point, and although I had no clue what I was doing I knew I could keep my promise to them all.

I started to re-educate myself as I’d left school early I didn’t really have much of an education, I was more concerned with having a safe place to be back then.

While I was a young mum I went on to learn so very much, my mind expanded my body became strong and self-defense at the top of my list, my life completely changed direction, and I just haven’t stopped. I loved learning, but I struggled to learn the traditional way, so I had to find other ways.

Many years on, I went to work in Health Services, I ended up working with people for over 20 years in various areas of the Health Service system, I became focused and climbed to the top of my field.

I was on a path to my soul work; this was what I was born for, built for, NEEDED to do, this was crystal clear to me, I just had to keep going.

My RISE had focus; it had a purpose; I learned to tap into every part of me.

My Mission

To help people find their inner ROAR, and RISE, Empowered.


My view on life is a straightforward one.

I believe in having a strong Body and an Empowered Mind.

I believe that we are here to do great things, things that will help change something, either for ourselves or others. I believe we need to forget who we have been told to be and create who it is we want to be.

I believe we get back what we put out into the world, we all have an energy and what you focus on will eventuate, kind of like a self-fulling prophecy.

So I say focus on the positive!

I believe we are what we consume, we are what we tell ourselves, and we are most definitely capable of significant change, given the right environment.

I’m all for making money, but I do believe in not harming another person’s mind or body to receive it, and honesty, that’s non-negotiable.

I’m an introverted extrovert, I love being around people and effortlessly light up a room, but I also crave time alone, time to go within and do my inner work, take stock, and recalibrate so my soul can feel it.

I have been a fitness instructor for 25 years, and it was a natural progression to study all things nutrition. I opened my first business in the U.K and had a booming following of women, that loved to get together and have a laugh.
That led me to study further into my current field, and I began working in Mental Health. Quickly becoming hungry for more knowledge.
The fitness side of things has always been a part of my life and teachings. I dreamt many years ago of opening my service to help people in both Mind & Body as I knew the importance of integrating both areas for a complete and sustainable life transformation.

I have numerous years of life experience and hold qualifications in: Counselling, Intervention Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Trauma Response, Mental Health, Body Language, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Single Session Counselling, Reiki, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Wellness Coaching, Life Coaching, Precision Nutrition, Transformation Specialist, Nutritional Health Coach, Nutritional Therapist, Fitness Instructor, AntiGravity Instructor, National Vocational Qualification in Fitness.

I hold current Level 1 & 2 First Aid Certificate; I have a current Working With Children check and a current Police Check.

Once again I’m thirsty for more knowledge so now I am currently studying Criminal Psychology and Forensic Psychology.

I developed The Empowerment Club to help people reconnect with themselves and take back a sense of power, control and ownership of their lives, careers, and relationships. To be able to face down and move beyond their past and harmful habits that keep them stuck.
I use a variety of Mind & Body practices to help a person shift from where they are to where they want to be, they don’t necessarily need to attend a fitness class to start, often a nutrition clean up and mindset reset is the jumpstart people need.

I speak from my heart and love nothing more than to share all I know.

I’m a writer and love everything about writing, from the way it captures your imagination, whisks you away to another time and space, right through to the power and impacts the written word can have to create a different type of thinking and challenge our interpretation of the world around us. I love writing programs that evoke and transform a mind into moving, shifting, growing and impacting a persons life. I grew up with books as my escape, and I hope to be able to gift that back to the world as have the writers before me.

Being a mother is my greatest role, and I’m proud of my three girls.

My life has moved beyond the hands-on part of that role as they are all grown up, and it is now time for me to dedicate myself, to all I have practiced for well over two decades.

It is time for me to shine so brightly, I light up the path forward for my girls to see in the moments they need it most.

It is time for me to create my legacy, so when I’m long gone, they can read my wisdom, hear my thoughts and know they were deeply loved.

I’m committed to being a straight up woman, being as kind as possible, and helping people move beyond their barriers in life.

Being Invested in your Mind and Body; it’s what will drive you forward in your life to be anything and everything you want.