Welcome to Mindset Box & My Rapid Fire book collection.


Let me tell you a little bit about where the idea of Mindset Box came from, a bit about myself and what is in the box;

I have created a product called Mindset Box for people that are too afraid or don’t have the confidence to ask for help, OR they just don’t want to sit in a room with a counsellor BUT want the results of having seen one.
Staggering numbers of individuals that don’t seek help is something that I want to change.

Mindset Box; a coach in a box delivered to your door, that covers a vast amount of life areas to help you create change in the comfort of your own home, without the overwhelming feelings that are attached with initial appointments with a coach or counsellor.

I am the Director of Rise & Roar, the Founder of The Empowerment Club and the Creator of Mindset Box.

My background in Mental Health, Intervention and Fitness came together when I founded my first business, and I have continued to expand my scope and knowledge in all areas.
I am just getting started.

I am passionate about helping people Rise & Roar.

I have decided to pre-launch these on our Facebook Page and have our strong community be the first to get their hands on them.

Have you ever sat and asked yourself questions like;

Am I going crazy?

Am I the only one that gets stuck in life?

If you are hiding in the corners of life feeling like it’s all too hard at times, then these are for you.

As an Intervention Specialist and Mindset Coach, I’ve spent my career on the front line of Health Services and as a part of the trauma response and crisis team.

I have seen many people over that time struggle with life and all it throws at us.

I want you to know you are not alone and don’t have to be, I’ve created Mindset Box to target specific areas in life that I’ve worked for years helping people shift from.

I also share with you, my own life struggles that I encountered and have walked through.

To RISE from your knees is a journey I know, both intimately and professionally.

In this beautiful gift boxed life-changing program you will find all the tools I use to help people shift.


Apart from the doorway and opportunity to change delivered directly to you, YOU also receive;

-Published Book- Journal-Pen-Intervention tools and measures-Inspo cards and holder-Instructions

The Mindset Box of your choice is delivered to your door EXPRESS POST; anywhere in Australia.


I have decided to keep this low cost so that it’s as affordable as having your hair done;

$150 per box + delivery


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NO MORE F#CKS TO GIVE is out now.

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